I am so very glad that you're here. At Stories Told in Glass, you will find one-of-a-kind pieces of hand-engraved Scandinavian crystal, dating from the 1930's to the 1970's. I am a serious collector of this genre, having studied it in depth, collected it en masse, and even shared it to launch a new permanent museum exhibit.* I have become the "go-to" expert on vintage engraved glass in several special interest groups on Facebook and can often identify a maker and designer at a glance. I have even taught myself to restore "sick" glass by a laborious process of polishing away the damaged layer.

As was bound to happen, my collection has grown to the point where I need to let some go. I promise you, if you buy a piece from me, you can be sure that it is authentic, and that I will tell you everything I know about it. I'll be sharing more stories in this blog as time passes, and I'll list more treasures as time allows. If you have a request for a certain design, maker, or artist, drop me a note, I may be able to find just the right piece for you!

I hope you enjoy marveling at this incredible workmanship in sparkling crystal, as much as I do, and that you take the time to read, Stories Told in Glass.

*Visit the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia! http://www.americanswedish.org/exhibitions/enchanting-transparency-new-linnaeus-kalm-galleryClose