Welcome to our Gallery of one-of-a-kind works of art. These pieces were not made by machines, but by human hands. Designers and mold-makers, glass-blowers and engravers, and many folks in between, told their stories in glass. We honor the spirit of these artists and craftspeople by sharing our photos of their work. Upon inquiry we will create a listing. Enjoy!   

5.5" Edenfalk Boy Blowing Bubbles

4.5" Ekenäs Roman in Toga [1 of 3]

4" Kosta Lindstrand Squirrel

3 Strömberg Viking Longboats

3" Strömbergshyttan Duck Hunt

2.5" Orrefors Öhrström Pretty Lady

3" Ekenäs Rabbit and Sun - Heavy

2.5" Kjellander Tiny Boy Pointing

2.5" Boda(?) Ballet Dancer

2.5" Orrefors Landberg Cordial w Child

6" Kronoberg Vase with Two Fish (and Pollen)

Holmegaard, Per Lütken, 1960's

Holmegaard, Per Lütken, 1960's

Boda, likely 1940's

Holmegaard of Denmark, Per Lütken, early 1960's, Buffalo Hunt

Kosta, Sweden, Vicke Lindstrand, 1950's

5" Kosta Bergh Archer - Heavy

Kosta, Sweden, Vicke Lindstrand, 1950's

Kosta, Sweden, Vicke Lindstrand

Orrefors, Sweden, Edvin Öhrström, Woman at Harp, style 2933, 1944

Orrefors, Sweden, Edvin Öhrström

Orrefors, Sweden, Nils Landberg

Orrefors, Sweden, Sven Palmqvist

Reijmyre, Sweden, Viking Ship, 1960's

Skruf, Sweden, Bengt Edenfalk, 1960's

Skruf, Sweden, Bengt Edenfalk, 1960's

Smålandshyttan, Sweden, maybe Josef Schott

Strömbergshyttan, Sweden, Rune Strand, sold at Saks 5th Ave, 1960's

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